Waterproofing: Precautions to be taken

Waterproofing: Precautions to be taken

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Waterproofing is one of the most crucial works in any new construction or in repair-maintenance projects. There are lots of losses due to waterproofing failures. All the interior efforts and cost goes into vain due to dampness or leakages. Even a beautifully designed office in basement cannot remain inhabitable due to foul smell, dampness and water leaking.

Here are some measures that should be taken care to get optimum result of waterproofing treatment

Selection of correct waterproofing system

There are lots of waterproofing options such as flexible membrane based waterproofing system, crystalline waterproofing, Epoxy and PU based waterproofing treatments. Selection of waterproofing treatment should be according to problems at site and requirements. Small contractors, who do not have wide range of waterproofing treatments, may recommend treatments that they can provide, even if that solution is not best for your problem.

Prices of waterproofing job

Selecting waterproofing contractor or application process purely based on prices often leads to failure. We should always remain alert form the waterproofing contractors who quote you lower to get the project and to achieve their desired margin they use below grade chemicals that too in low quantity. For the same reason, we should also avoid bargaining for waterproofing job cost. This might lead to stretching of chemicals beyond the specified coverage as recommended by manufacturer.

Involvement of Architects and structural engineer

It is recommended to involve architects in selection of waterproofing treatment. For bigger projects, you should also take advice from architects as well as structural engineers. They may help you in selecting appropriate treatment methods and appropriate materials.

Right Waterproofing Application

We all are well aware about the importance of workmanship in waterproofing jobs. A right treatment and best material can proved to be total waste if it is not followed or applied as recommended. Professional contractors and well trained applicators should be contacted and used to achieve desired results. To avoid poor application, it is highly recommended to supervise the waterproofing treatments from your end, if your contractor is not providing any full time dedicated supervisor for your site.

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