5 easy steps for successful terrace waterproofing

Terrace waterproofing is very crucial part in building construction. New technologies in waterproofing have changed construction industry over the years. Huge rise in urbanization and need of economic and effective waterproofing solutions have replaced ineffective old conventional methods of waterproofing with new advanced waterproofing solutions.

Here are 5 easy steps depicted in images for easy understanding of terrace waterproofing process:

Step-1: Surface preparation
Prepare the surface by proper cleaning with wire brush and water
Waterproofing-Surface preparation

Step-2: Strengthening the surface
Repair the cracks, honeycombing and undulations on the terrace surface
Note: it become more important if waterproofing is done on old brick bat coba or anyother old surface.
Waterproofing techniques

Step-3: Proper Sealing of drainage pipes
Areas near drainage pipes are prone to leakage. Seal it with due attention

Step-4: Waterproofing chemical coating application
Apply the two coats of waterproofing chemical coatings

Roof top waterproofing membrane
Step-5: Protective layer on waterproofing coatings
If there is heavy foot movements, provide a protective layer on waterproofing coatings. Else, we can skip it.