Can we waterproof basements with just paint?

basement waterproofing


Dampness and water flooding in basement are very common problems for property owners. Due to lot of water related problems and waterproofing failures, there is ample rise in concern and seriousness among architects and clients about professional basement waterproofing. People often opt for cheaper options in new constructions which proved to be expensive in long run since failure in waterproofing damages costly interiors and precious time.

On the other hand, in old construction once your basement got wet, it is the worst thing that can happen to your building. Wet basement not only makes your basement difficult to use but also damages the overall structure of building in various way. Property owners get estimate for basement waterproofing solutions from local waterproofing contractors but get confused due to differences in estimates and suggested treatment process. One of the simple and cost effective method that is often suggested by contractors is waterproofing paint. It is easy to apply but does waterproofing paint work? Will it stop water leakages in your basement? Here are pros and cons of waterproofing paint.

Pros of waterproofing Paint:

  1. Can prevent moisture to enter in to the walls from the interior of the basement
  2. Can reduce fungal smells by creating a barrier over the wall surfaces
  3. May reduces emission of humidity by stopping the moisture behind the waterproofing paint

Cons of waterproofing paint:

  1. Not a basement waterproofing solution – waterproofing paints are prepared to stop moisture up to certain limit, but it cannot stop the water to enter into basement. Therefore, in long run, it is going to be failed waterproofing.
  2. Paint peel off or blistering – Since water is in the cement walls, it will generate salt or efflorescence which starts growing between concrete surface and paint layer and it leads to paint peel off or create a large blister which flakes.
  3. May damage structure – Since water is in the concrete it may create greater hydrostatic pressure. Waterproofing paint tries to hold the moisture which in turn consolidates more water and causes more pressure inside the walls.
  4. End result of waterproofing paint in basement: Waterproofing paint cannot waterproof a basement but it may help in reducing odours and humidity up to a certain limit. If you are looking for permanent solution for Leakages in basement, waterproofing paint is not recommended at all.

Alternatives of waterproofing paint: You can use silicone based chemicals and can protect your walls from moisture.