Rising Dampness

How to treat rising dampness problem?

Rising dampness┬ácontributes major share in water related problems in the buildings. There are hardly any home or office where there is no sign of dampness at lower part of wall above the skirting. You keep on redoing the paints or plaster but dampness come up again. People put some tiles […]

Why there are so many waterproofing failures?

People are really fed- up with water leakages and dampness in their home and offices. Even after waterproofing treatments, problem is just delayed a bit but remains the same. So what exactly is the problem? Why no technology has been able to satisfy the industry stakeholders? Answers are quite simple […]

How to treat damp patches on interior walls?

How to treat damp patches on interior walls? Damp patches on walls in bedroom or living room not only derogate building appearance but also damage structure and health. Dampness may lead to worsening of plaster, masonry, stones, ┬átiles and also deteriorate timber work and expensive wallpapers. Unfortunately, wrong treatments for […]