How destructive a leaking pipe can be in your home?

Do you know, leaking pipes are second in damaging homes after hurricanes? Yes, faulty plumbing pipes have lot of share in damaging our buildings. According to Environmental Protection Agency, 13.7 % of all used water in US homes is being wasted due to plumbing leaks (Source: American Water Works Associations Research Foundations). Broken water pipes ranks second only to hurricanes in terms of number of homes damaged and the amount of claims in US.

Unfortunately or we should say fortunately, we do not have such data for India. But it is quite obvious that this percentage would be way much higher in developing nations like India where there is lot of compromise done on quality and workmanship in constructions. A small, 1/8 inches in a pipe can discharge up to 250 gallons of water in a day. Rise in ground water, rain fall volume or any other natural events we cannot control, but plumbing leaks are mostly due to human errors or ignorance. We should always be very attentive and alert while installing new plumbing pipes or repairing. Moreover, we always suggest inspecting all the pipes and drainages prior to apply any waterproofing solutions.

Water damages can be highly deceptive. Here are some of the damages that can be done due to such leakages:

  • Damages materials: Interiors such as wooden work, wallpapers or paint will get damaged, wood can swell or rot, electrical short circuits that can cause fires or shocks
  • Hazardous contaminants in the water make the home unhealthy. Water such as flood water or drain water is more harmful and damaging than rain water
  • Dampness in buildings promotes growth of moisture related fungus salt etc.
  • Water also damages steel/metal lath in roof. Metal gets rust which swells the metal causing plaster key to break. Plaster over metal lath needs to be replaced.
  • Foundations and structural damages: leaning walls, uneven close of doors and windows, cracks in foundation and uneven floors are some of the bigger problems that can cause greater damages.