How to treat rising dampness problem?

Rising dampness contributes major share in water related problems in the buildings. There are hardly any home or office where there is no sign of dampness at lower part of wall above the skirting. You keep on redoing the paints or plaster but dampness come up again. People put some tiles or wallpaper to hide this but after some time either tiles fall down or dampness rise above the tiles level.

How to treat rising dampness problem?

There are multiple ways to treat this problem.

1.Using Water repellent Chemicals – If DPC is severely damaged, water repellent chemicals is injected at DPC level. High grade chemical is poured into the concrete to stop the movement of water.

STEP 1: Make 5 inches deep holes on the effected wall of 10-12 mm diameter at 45 degree at equidistance of 6 inches.Rising Dampness treatment

Rising Dampness Treatment

STEP 2: Wash & clean all the affected area and Holes properly.

STEP 3: Now put Nozzles in all holes and seal them with bonding agent

STEP 4: Now start injecting quality water repellent chemicals into Nozzles through drips & drip timing should be 2-3 seconds for each hole.

Rising Dampness Treatment

STEP 5: Once holes are filled with chemical, Seal them with bonding agent and leave it to get it dry.

Results & Benefits:

  • This treatment stops capillary effect of water in walls and water doesn’t travel upside.
  • This treatment prevents walls from repetitive paint and maintenance expenses.
  • Strength of Walls are restored
  • Life of the building is enhanced by saving base strength of building

2. Applying Cementitious Waterproofing coating – This is one of the widely used treatment, since it is economic, easy to apply and also can protect wall against water which is due to other sources. In this process, Plaster is removed from the damaged area and two coats of cementitious waterproof coatings is applied after repairing & filling the gaps. After applying waterproofing coatings, plaster is done again. Coatings should be vapor permeable and coatings should be applied till 2-3 feet above the damaged area.

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