How to Waterproof Metal Roof?

How to waterproof Metal Roof

Waterproofing on Metal roof

Metal roofs or sheds are considered to be very durable but due to rust, or contraction and expansion of metal, it generally cracks and need to be repaired. Damaged metal roof opens way for water leakages. Usually metal roof are used for factories, warehouses etc. where we cannot bear water leakages.

How to waterproof Metal Roof – Ideal process for waterproofing over metal roof

Step – 1: Cleaning the metal roof with brooms, brushes and water with pressure to remove all dirt, dust and sand particles to receive waterproofing treatment.

Step – 2: Applying primer that have anti-corrosion feature and adhesive property on metal surface

Step – 3: Applying multiple coats of Elastomeric Roof Coating System. Polyester reinforcement cloth/fiber mesh is to be embedded between coatings.

Key function of Acrylic ERCS on Metal Roof:

  • Water resistance property to solve water leakage issue
  • Protect metal roof substrate to extend roof service life
  • Easy to be applied to lower down total repair cost
  • Outstanding elastic property for crack‐bridging of metal roof’s movement
  • Special design of coating with excellent adhesion to metal deck
  • Tailored design of coating formulation to provide anti‐corrosion property

Metal Roof‐ Joint Retrofit

Metal Joint Retrofit

Typical Area Repair Demo