Only a Spray can make your external wall waterproof

Only a Spray can make your external wall waterproof 

1405-28 095 1405-28 Superhydrophobic Surfaces Water Droplets on a variety of superhydrophobic surfaces. May 13, 2014 Photo by Jaren Wilkey/BYU © BYU PHOTO 2014 All Rights Reserved (801)422-7322

Yes, can waterproof your external walls by just spraying over it at very economic prices (see a small random video of spray treated waterproof wall). Whether it is cement plaster or stones that absorb water, all such surfaces can be treated. Usually, house owners get waterproofing done only on Terrace, basement and sunken areas and leave external walls without any treatment. Salt blooming, paint peel off, fungus and alkali formations are often ruined walls and transform any beautiful building’s appearance in a terrible one. This makes renovation, maintenance and painting expense unavoidable.

Simple spray to make external walls waterproof: recommends very effective and economical silicone based waterproofing chemicals, Dampro-390, developed by Roxxell to make your walls hydrophobic.  In our previous blog we discussed how it works (please read here: Crystalline Waterproofing Technology)

This spray would be very effective and useful for premium buildings (like Hotels, Resorts etc.) where building appearance is very crucial. This also reduces the overall maintenance cost of buildings since it will increase paint’s life and in case of stone surfaces we don’t need long tedious clearing process once applied this chemical. Even expensive stones lose their beauty and color after absorbing water. But Dampro does not let stones or plaster surface to absorb water and hence make it waterproof.

This spray is also very effective in coastal areas, where there is heavy rain fall. We can also use this chemical during rehabilitation of old heritage sites or to preserve the beauty of old heritage sites.

In some instance, we have seen that such a low grade building materials had been used in building formation that rain water gets inside by vertical walls itself and creates damp patches inside walls. Damprop spray can protect your external wall in such cases as well. Dampro has been developed by latest & advanced technology and imported raw materials.

We are offering Dampro application at very economic prices i.e. INR 15 per Sqr.ft.

Features and Advantages:

  • Best for vertical walls for positive waterproofing
  • Wallputty and Paint can be applied over this
  • Protection against Water borne salts
  • Effective protection even in driving rain
  • Excellent water repellent characteristics
  • Increases life of paint
  • Protects surface and enhances alkali resistance
  • No significant reduction of water vapour permeability
  • No adverse effects on substrate
  • High penetration depth

See Dampro-390 small demo here that shows incredible water repellency in normal plaster block.