Terrace Waterproofing and Terrace Garden & Swimming Pool waterproofing

Terrace Waterproofing

Terrace is one of the most crucial parts in any building as it is always exposed to face severe weather conditions. Temperature variations, intense rain falls and structural moments develop numerous cracks and rainwater leaks through these cracks. In addition to these natural causes, negligence in workmanship such as inaccurate leveling and inappropriate gaps filling between concrete and drain pipes are another reasons of water leakage through terrace. Ignoring terrace waterproofing needs in new construction or using temporarily solutions in exiting seepage problems can create immediate or long-term problems.

Terrace Waterproofing Methods:

There are lots of terrace waterproofing methods some of them are being used since ages but due to various reasons are not effective any more. Such as lime terracing, Mud Fuska or brick bat coba, Tarfelt and bitumen etc. There are lot of limitation in these traditional methods (Why brick bat coba is not ideal solution for terrace waterproofing)

Now, there are liquid applied waterproofing membranes and cementitious waterproofing coatings which are widely used and effective. These types of waterproofing are very easy to apply (Read here: 5 easy steps for successful waterproofing).

Terrace Waterproofing cost:

Cost varies from 50-120 INR per sq.ft. Estimated cost varies with civil cost involved, area to be waterproofed and type of waterproofing required.

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