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5 easy steps for successful terrace waterproofing

Terrace waterproofing is very crucial part in building construction. New technologies in waterproofing have changed construction industry over the years. Huge rise in urbanization and need of economic and effective waterproofing solutions have replaced ineffective old conventional methods of waterproofing with new advanced waterproofing solutions. Here are 5 easy steps […]

6 Key Points for Perfect Terrace Waterproofing

6 Key Points for Perfect Terrace Waterproofing Terrace is one of the most crucial parts in any building since it is always exposed to face severe weather conditions. ¬†Temperature variations develop cracks on terrace surfaces and rain water seeps through these cracks. If we ignore terrace¬†waterproofing, rain water through cracks […]

Terrace Waterproofing: 6 Big Draw Backs of Brick Bat Coba

  Water leakage or seepage is one of the most common causes of any building defect and it reduces life of building structure significantly. Ignoring terrace waterproofing needs in new construction or using temporarily solutions in exiting seepage problems can create immediate or long-term problems. Generally, there are some specific […]